My sucullent garden

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My sucullent garden

Post by Liz » Mon May 21, 2018 11:14 pm

When conditions are right, the following photo show what is the potential of succulents grown in a similar environment. Photos from my garden, USDA Zone 9B, warm summer and cold winter. Watering deeply is done through a hose, no more than 10 times a year; limp leaves of leafy succulents is a signal that plants are ready for water.

Fast draining soil through amendment of coarse river sand and lava rocks. Full sun exposure, with excellent air flow. No protection from cold, rain, sun.

The oldest garden bed is the experimental bed to test and experience 4 seasons of cultivation in my zone, for the possibility of tender succulents gardening outdoor. There were 10 more garden beds that were installed after one year of the trial bed. The 10 other beds are 1 year old or less.
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